Lily House Gach

I am looking forward to sharing paths and uniting our flames.

Company:Acu-Na Wellness Center

Short Bio: Lily House Gach

My name is Lily House Gach, L.Ac. I am an acupuncturist, a wife, a friend, and a spiritual seeker. I was born into a family of quiet, gentle souls who valued deep thinking and living harmoniously. Out of this environment, I grew to become a healer who strives to embody the quality of compassion and the search for understanding, on the personal, interpersonal, and cosmic levels. I am fascinated by connections—the connections forged by an individual based on their life experiences, the connections between two people and the interplay of destiny and daily life, the connections between our bodies and the natural world, and the connections between our spirits and the universal realm.

Due to my thirst to see and understand these various forms of connection, I have become an avid listener. I love nothing more than to ask questions and hear another person’s or group’s point of view, colored by their many experiences and interactions. Understanding the unique viewpoints of individuals, cultural groups, belief systems, medical paradigms, all contribute to a depth of knowledge, personal purpose, and responsible intentional action.

My personal journey has led me to an interest in Daoist philosophy and Chinese Medicine. I love these systems of understanding because they are based on observing a person holistically in the larger context of their environment. Chinese Medicine sees each person as a microcosm of the greater world, where the internal workings of our physiology reflect the natural processes that occur in the rivers, mountains, and valleys that we gaze upon. This medical paradigm acknowledges connection—the connection between humans and nature, between our minds and our bodies, and between our internal experience and our physical manifestation of disease or good health.

I am fascinated with this exploration and I am interested in sharing these reflections with other listeners, speakers, and seekers of understanding. I wish to deepen the human experience for myself and others by asking questions, hearing stories, and forging connections.

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