Mary Jane Houge

Spiritual Mentor, Transpersonal Coach, ND, L.Ac., Lmbt


I am looking forward to sharing paths and uniting our flames.

Company:Acu-Na Wellness Center

Short Bio:Mary Jane Houge


Welcome, my name is Mary Jane Houge. Thank you for connecting with me. This is an exciting time in my life. I have successfully reached my “wise woman” years. I have learned so many life lessons through my own experience and have been honored to have other wise people share their teachings with me. I was raised Catholic and gone on to study other religions, philosophical points of view, and indigenous belief systems. Through it all, I have learned the value of connecting with your divine self and expressing your true nature. As the saying goes, “nobody can do YOU better than YOU!

We all come into this world with a set of skills to fulfill our mission, which is to express our authentic self. More often than not our upbringing or socialization consisted of others imposing their “will” on us. Instead of assisting us in discovering our gifts and how we could bring them to the world, we were guided to spend our life developing skills “we didn’t have” so we could fulfill the need they thought would be “best” for us. I ask you, did these people have a crystal ball? Do any of us really “know” what is best for someone else? Can anyone offer us a guarantee?
I have spent many years of my life trying to fill the shoes that my parents laid out for me. The problem being they didn’t fit and they were never going to fit. It took me years and many amazing teachers to instill in me that I was perfect just the way I was and life’s journey would be much more enjoyable with less foot problems if I wore the appropriate shoes…one that fit! Part of this journey was to release feeling bad about myself because those shoes wouldn’t fit. I learned to love my feet once they were encased in the soft loving embrace of my soul.
I truly began this journey when I divorced back in 2001. I was free to begin my journey of self-discovery. My children were grown and it was time for me to discover my true self and complete my mission. It has been a wild ride but exhilarating!
I have and continue to study African Shamanism with Malidoma Some’, Native American ceremonies, songs and rituals, Daoism, quantum physics and various teachings on living a spiritual life. I am forever and student.

My passion now is to continue to live an authentic life and to help others do the same. I enjoy living a life full of amazing experiences created from wonderful places and people.

I hope you will join me and others whom are ready to shine their light into this world brighter and brighter every day. The warmth of your glow feels so good to my soul and I know as we all shine our light brighter and brighter we become one universal light!

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