Sadhvi Velasquez

I am looking forward to sharing paths and uniting our flames.

Company:Acu-Na Wellness Center

Short Bio: Sadhvi Velasquez

My name is Sadhvi Velasquez.

I am a passionate intuitive massage therapist and healer.  I am clear my purpose for being here is to serve. I do so through my healing work, teaching and indigenous medicine ceremonies. I am compassionate, gentle and give my best to all those who cross my path.

My humble and personal journey began in Guatemala and Belize.  I was about twelve years old when I came to the USA. I landed in Brooklyn, NY. Yes, that was a culture shock from a more laid back country like Belize.  I loved being in the States however, I did not like the cold.  The first winter I told my mother I would die from the cold. After all, I was a tropical bird and thought the winter was brutal but the snow was cool. Like everything else in life, we adjust and adapt.

My spiritual sojourn started with an epiphany after which I became a sincere and tenacious seeker. In my search I found my first teacher.  It is said when the student is ready the teacher will appear. I immersed myself in Unity Church, metaphysical Christianity, I was a minister for 5 years. I loved it.  One day I became restless and felt there was more for me to experience.  I was having growing pains.

I then met a meditation Master from India. I received from her the classical Indian initiation of shaktipat, the awakening of the kundalini energy.  According to the Indian scriptures, when this energy is awakened one is able to have a direct experience of their divinity.  That was truly awesome.  I have not been the same since, and so the work begins.  My next teacher taught me Reiki, I learned how to teach and became a Reiki Master.

I then spent a decade welcoming the new souls.  I was a postpartum doula for about ten years.  These angels taught me how to listen, I mean really listen.  They were communicating with me non-verbally.  When asked by the mothers how I knew what their child wanted, well I would just smile.  I am not sure they would understand that the new angel just told me.

I came to the Asheville area sixteen years ago and answered a calling to become a massage therapist. Now I am working with the kids in the big bodies. I have had the great fortune to be trained by various Native American teachers in their very sacred ceremony and rituals.   My current mentor is Dr. Mary Houge, I learn something from her daily.  She is a wealth of information and generously shares with me.  Gratitude Mary.  I would like to thank all my teachers on my journey.  You all are in my prayers always.

I have come full circle and I am excited, humbled and honored to share and give back as a medicine woman and teacher.  I find it extremely fulfilling to share in one’s scared journey.

Welcome! AHO! Namaste’

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